Ohio farmer Dale Mark has a crop circle in his soybean field. Passengers flying overhead in a private airplane last week discovered it. One part of the design is a circle surrounding a triangle, another resembles a peace sign, and a third looks like a bull’s-eye. His wife, Mary Ellen, is puzzled because the circles are on land that’s difficult to reach from the road. She says, “It does make you wonder, because there’s no in or out.”

Researcher Jeffrey Wilson says the circle was createdfour to five weeks ago, even though it was only recently discovered. “The ground is very isolated and you can’t see it from any roadway,” he says. “We think it would not be the place a hoaxer would go because no one would see it.”

Lisa Roberson writes in the Chillicothe Gazette that Wilson and a group of 20 volunteers collected soil and plant samples and took them to be tested. Wilson says, “The plants were all swirled down counter-clockwise, and several places were woven together. Along the stems of soybean plants where the branches bend off, the leaf bases had been shriveled up and browned as if they had been subjected to some sort of heat damage. I think we’re going to say that this one was authentic.”

The swirls inside the circle are swirled counter-clockwise in multiple layers. “This particular design is very large and detailed” Wilson says. “Almost 280 feet by 280 feet. Just about the size of a football field in length and in width.

“We found evidence of plant damage at the most delicate point of the plant we believe came from direct heat, and the boundary between the standing plants and laying plants was almost like a cookie-cutter effect with a deep reddish purple color on the standing plants facing the circles. Whatever energy that causes these plants to go down is beyond the physical spectrum.” Another researcher found higher electrical and magnetic fields inside the circle than in the land outside them.

The field is across the road from Serpent Mound, and the designs seem to be pointing to the ancient Native American mounds nearby.

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Linda Howe reports on the Ohio soybean circle on this week’s Dreamland.

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