Don’t do it alone! – When it comes to making decisions, a new study shows that two heads are better than one, but ONLY if both partners are equally competent and feel free to discuss their disagreements, meaning you should discuss the problem with a colleague rather than an underling. After all, it was a GROUP of volunteers who all participated in the DMT studies (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show. quotes researcher Bahador Bahrami as saying, “When we are trying to solve problems, we usually put our heads together in teams, calling on each other’s opinions. For our study, we wanted to see if two people could combine information from each other in a difficult judgment task and how much this would improve their performance.”But group decisions can sometimes backfire. If one person isn’t seeing the situation clearly and makes the wrong decision, the others may go along–especially if the person making the mistake is in a leadership position, causing the whole group to metaphorically jump off a cliff.

PhysOrg quotes researcher Chris Frith as saying, “We know all too well about the catastrophic consequences of consulting ‘evidence’ of unknown reliability on problems as diverse as the existence of weapons of mass destruction and the possibility of risk free investments.”

Many people who have Visitor experiences feel very alone, but we’re here to tell you that they’re happening to PLENTY of other people as well as you! In fact, Anne Strieber has started a seriesof special interviews about UFO contact just for subscribers, with abductees and experiencers, so if you want to know what contact is REALLY LIKE, don’t miss this incredible group of interviews!

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