All in the blood? – There is some interesting science to be found out there: It turns out that near-death experiences (NDEs) are reported by between 11 and 23% of people who come close to death (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). Could they be caused by carbon dioxide in the blood? reports that researchers in Slovenia studied over 50 cases of heart attacks in 3 major hospitals. 42 of the patients were men with the average age of 53. 11 of them had NDEs, but there was no common link between them when it came to age, sex, education, religious belief, fear of death, time of recovery or the drugs that were given to them.

What they DID have in common were high levels of CO2 in their blood and, to a lesser degree, of potassium. Does this mean that an NDE is nothing more than a reaction to something physical or that the CO2 and potassium levels facilitated them being able to leave their bodies? And what would cause the high blood levels of these 2 substances? As more CO2 builds up in our atmosphere, with NDEs increase as well? It’s all still a mystery.

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