A recent post on Sputnik News reports that DNA testing on samples from the controversial three-fingered Nazca mummies is currently being conducted by researchers at the Russian National Research University in St. Petersburg. Although the more human-like mummy, nicknamed "Maria" by the researchers in Peru, has a chromosome arrangement similar to that of a normal human, the mummy still exhibits decidedly non-human features, such as three fingered hands and feet, and was found in the company of not only the mummy of an infant, but also a cadre of two-foot tall mummies that definitely could not be described as human.

It also says that a full analysis of Maria’s genetic structure has yet to be completed, and that the team, led by Dr. Konstantin Korotkov, has determined that she has a 23 chromosome pairs, the same number that humans have.

However, the validity of this story is suspect given the generally held view that Sputnik, a news agency run by the Russian government, "engages in bias and disinformation, and has widely been described as a Russian propaganda outlet"– according to the New York Times.  

An article published by the American Council on Science and Health states:  "Truthfully, no respectable news outlet should have covered this."

Is the story being debunked due to a general skepticism overall towards the existence of extraterrestrial life, and paranormal activity? Perhaps!  For now, the jury is out.

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