The holidays will soon be here, and many of us will be traveling to see family and friends for Thanksgiving and Christmas. We’ve begun to dread those TSA lines that involve the scan and the pat down, being exposed to X-rays, and taking off our shoes (NOTE: Subscribers can still listen to this show). But what’s especially confusing is what we’re allowed to take on board and what we’re not.

Sometimes you can carry your wallet through the airport X-ray machine, sometimes you can’t. The US now allows you to have nail scissors, but Canada confiscates them. When do you show your driver’s license and when can you put it away?

Sometimes you put your shoes in a tub, other times you’re told to put that directly onto the conveyor belt. The Transportation Security Administration has been consistently inconsistent about their regulations: In the US, TSA procedures can vary from city to city, from checkpoint to checkpoint, from screener to screener. Items are sold in duty-free shops INSIDE the airport that you are NOT allowed to bring on the plane!

In the November 1st edition of the Wall Street Journal, Scott McCartney quotes frequent flier Laura Aguiar as saying, "It’s crazy. It’s completely unnecessary. How is this keeping me safe?"

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