NASA has announced plans to put astronauts on the moon by 2018, and eventually use the moon as a way station for visiting other planets?especially Mars. Are we returning to the moon to secure the fantastically valuable Helium 3 fuel that is lying on the surface? Helium 3 is undoubtedly the reason that China is determined to go to the moon.

Leonard David writes in reports that The New York Times has criticized the project as lacking “the pizzazz to inspire public support” and says it will be “operating under budget constraints that make delays or overruns likely.” The cost is estimated to be around $104 billion. Sherwood Boehlert (R, NY) says there is “no credible way” to accomplish this task unless the NASA is given a bigger budget than it has been promised.

Apollo 17 astronaut Harrison Schmitt says, “I have great respect for President Bush?s Moon-Mars initiative and for Administrator Michael Griffin and his maturing management and engineering team in NASA. The broad architecture would appear to be reasonable, pending detailed definition of the major technical and budgetary issues.”

A major problem with a space station on the moon is how to obtain water. While water is created chemically on the International Space Station, a permanent moon base would need too much water for that method to be used. There is water ice (as opposed to carbon-dioxide ice) at both poles of the moon, probably left there by comet impacts, but exactly how much is there or if it can be used is unknown.

Some skeptics say we didn’t really go to the moon on the Apollo mission?that the spacewalk was photographed in a TV studio. However, new data proves this isn’t true.

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If our real reason for invading Iraq was to secure the oil there, are we returning to the moon to secure the fantastically valuable Helium 3 that is just lying on the surface, ready to be shoveled up and returned to Earth? You?ll notice that no other news media tell you about this. Get the best of the edge news at and make sure we?ll be here tomorrow: subscribe today.

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