We all wonder what the future will bring. Right now, Contactees are finding that they put out streetlights and disrupting electrical appliances, such as TVs and computers. Now a young girl in Serbia has been discovered to have magnetic hands.

We don’t know if ten-year-old Jelena Momcilov has had Visitor experiences, but her hands can pick up metal objects as if they are imbued with magnets. The Dateline Zero website quotes local university researcher Pavle Premovic as saying, “I’d say this is a kind of unknown bio-magnetism.”

Meanwhile, another mysterious power has revealed itself: NASA scientists say they may have discovered a new force of nature, after they found that two of their deep space probes, Pioneer 10 and Pioneer 11, were being mysteriously pulled off course. Both probes have been in space for over 40 years, but they are now are being steadily pulled towards the sun by an unknown power. Two other satellites, Galileo and Ulysses, are being affected by the same force. This new force is relatively weak–around 10 billion times weaker than gravity.

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