Famed crop circle researcher Colin Andrews has discovered abizarre and well documented story about an event that tookplace on the M-8 motorway in England in May of 2008. On hiswebsite Andrews writes:”Police witnessed what appeared to be two woman with either complete unawareness of their surroundings or a deliberate suicide attempt, not once, twice but three times. From the moment the first police units arrived things did not seem normal: After reports of two woman running into the fast lanes of one of the countries busiest motorways they found them simply stood there, but then things became even more bizarre.

“In police presence each again ran in to traffic and were knocked unconscious, sustaining serious injuries but they were shocked by one of the twin’s extraordinary recovery in front of their very eyes. She showed an amazing ability to withstand pain and injuries and change from a state of unconsciousness to running and fighting police and calling out to those nearby ‘Call the police’ being unaware these uniformed officers were the police.

“Were the twins acting out a dual tandem mind process and actions? They appeared not to have awareness or familiarity with their surroundings or environment. They did not seem to see the vehicles that should have killed them both nor the police in full uniform. One shouted to the other as one fought to get away from the police: ‘They are trying to take our organs.’They also exhibited extraordinary strength. It took 6 police officers to subdue one of the twins after she rose from unconsciousness and attacked the police and again ran into traffic in the opposite carriageway.

“The police on the scene got the impression that the woman were under the influence of drugs or alcohol and that they had attempted to carry out a suicide pact, but full medical examinations and blood tests etc revealed that there were no drugs or alcohol in the women’s bodies and no evidence could be found for suicide. So what and why did this happen? Was this a very rare case of mental illness in one twin which was transmitted to the second and acted out by both, or something else?”

To see more photos and a video about the British motorwayincident, click here.

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