People see monsters all over the world. William Dranginis of Virginia became obsessed with Bigfoot when he spotted one in 1995. People in Canada have seen a strange little creature that could be an alien?except it likes to eat chickens. And the Irish claim to have their own version of Nessie.

Donnie Johnston writes in that was walking through a forest with two friends when he came face to face Bigfoot. He now spends one weekend every month trying to track him down again. Between expeditions, he designs surveillance cameras and listening devices that will help him track his quarry.

On the fateful day he saw Bigfoot, Dranginis saw a large black head peek at him from behind the tree before it took off in a “full-blown run?At that point I knew this was something different from a man,” Dranginis says. “It was about 7 feet tall, covered with hair and had broad, muscular shoulders, arms and legs. It ran about 75 feet left to right in full view, then took a hard left and ran down a hill. I could see its muscular shoulders moving back and forth, and its hair, maybe 4 to 6 inches long, flowing as it moved. It disappeared over a hill. My other friend and I just looked at each other. We knew what it was.”

When they returned the next day, Dranginis and his friend found a small pine tree with its bark stripped on one side to a height of about 18 inches. He says, “Then we saw a footprint?about 131/2 inches long. Then I heard it,” Dranginis says. “Low whistles, two of them signaling to each other. Then I heard something moving.”

Dranginis kept returning to the area until the owner of the land asked him not to. “Whatever you spooked keeps coming up to my house at one in the morning and keeps my dog howling,” he told him.

When Dranginis went to remove his camera, he found that a dead leaf had been placed over the lens. When he watched the video, he found that, “Things had been thrown from behind and above the camera. Two sticks and a rock could be seen flying through the air. At night, you could hear footsteps, like those made by a biped. Something with a heavy foot would come up, tap on the camera and then walk back out.”

Researchers claim that Muckross Lake in Ireland has its own version of the Loch Ness monster. Scientists were taking fish surveys in area lakes, which have existed for thousands of years, and analyzed the sonar data they’d collected. “It was when we started to examine the recorded signals that we noticed something very unusual was going on in one transect logging. Instead of the normal small signals indicating individual fish which we always get during our surveys, we got something the size of a two story house?,” says researcher Andrew Long. “We have been unable to identify what exactly the image is, but we know that it is not a computer or logging error as the gear was functioning normally.”

Dr. Fran Igoe says, “What we do know is the fish fauna in Muckross is very ancient indeed?This latest discovery is very exciting and the Irish Char Conservation Group is keen to continue our investigations in this area.” Both Loch Ness and Muckross have a lot in common. They’re both very deep and contain similar fish.

Igoe says, “Although the taxonomic status of the USO image has yet to be identified, it serves as a reminder of the hidden mysteries still lurking in Muckross and other ancient lakes in County Kerry.”

Brian Vike, director of HBCC UFO Research in Canada, writes that 4 teenagers were driving near a golf course in August when they saw flashing lights. Thinking someone was breaking into one of the buildings, they investigated. He says, “They heard a very loud, piercing scream?All of a sudden this ‘thing’ was right in front of them and screaming out this loud screeching noise. A three foot high creature ran in front of them and it was only about 25 feet away.” On the same night, another man had to slam on his brakes to avoid hitting a similar creature that was about 10 feet in front of him. It moved to the driver’s side of the van and squatted down and looked up at him. The man described the creature as being small and having a protruding jaw filled with a number of teeth. He put the truck into reverse and got out of there as fast as he could.

Also in the same area, a chicken farmer found that 20 of his birds disappeared and discovered a large hole ripped in his wire fence. One of the chickens was still partly alive with two puncture holes in its neck. Also, a lot of domestic cats have been missing from the area lately.

Could Bigfoot and Nessie still exist in our modern world? Find out from Cryptozoologist Loren Coleman, who has studied them carefully.

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