Last November, Unknowncountry reported on a possible pyramid in Bosnia, and now Semir Osmanagic, the Bosnian archaeologist involved in unearthing it, has found geometrically carved slabs that suggest that the pyramid is indeed manmade.

Osmanagic spent 15 years studying the pyramids of Mexico and Central America, which are all “step” pyramids, and he believes that the Bosnian pyramid was built that way too. His former investigations were the reason he realized, when he saw the 2,000 foot high hill outside the small town of Visoko, that it could be a pyramid. Many of the Mexican pyramids were in this overgrown condition before the gigantic cities of ancient cultures there began to be rediscovered in the late 19th century.

Each side of the pyramid has a 45-degree slope. The archeologists uncovering the pyramids have found entrances to tunnels that seem to be part of an underground network connecting three pyramid-shaped hills together, meaning that this too may be an entire ancient CITY. Underwater pyramids have been discovered off the coast of Cuba that seem to form a city that stretches all the way to Central America. The archeologists in Bosnia are using satellite imagery to find other possible pyramids in the area.

Osmanagic thinks that the Bosnian pyramid, when it is finally uncovered, will be over 700 feet high. This is one-third taller than the tallest pyramid in Egypt, the Pyramid of Giza.

But how could this be? Surely Mayan builders did not travel across the ocean to Eastern Europe thousands of years ago?or did they?

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