In the Middle East, Muslim are women are killed for disobedience, becoming too ?westernized? or refusing to marry the men selected for them by their families. But it happens in the West as well. Some countries are so disturbed by this that they?re sending immigrants home who refuse to modernize.

Terri Judd writes in The Independent that a Muslim father living in the U.K. slit his daughter’s throat because he believed she had become too westernized. When Abdalla Yones found out his 16-year-old child Heshu was seeing a Christian teenager, he stabbed her 11 times, after breaking down the door to the bathroom where she was barricaded.

Yones is a Kurd who fled Iraq 10 years ago, bringing his family to the U.K. He found out his daughter?s secret when she sent him a letter about her plans to leave home, saying, “Bye Dad, sorry I was so much trouble. Me and you will probably never understand each other, but I’m sorry I wasn’t what you wanted, but there’s some things you can’t change?Hey, for an older man you have a good strong punch and kick. I hope you enjoyed testing your strength on me, it was fun being on the receiving end. Well done.” He was sentenced to life in prison after becoming the first person in the U.K. to admit to committing an ?honor killing.?

Other honor killings in the U.K. include Rukhsana Naz, age 19, who was strangled by her brother Shazad while her mother held her legs down for becoming pregnant by another man, while married to a man her parents chose for her in Pakistan. Her mother and brother were sentenced to life in prison.

In February, 2003, Faqir Mohammed was sentenced to life in prison for stabbing his daughter, Shahida, age 24, to death, after finding her lying, fully clothed, on her bed with her boyfriend. He tried to kill the boy, but Shahida stood in his way.

Surjit Kaur Athwal, age 26, disappeared on a trip to India in 1998 after she filed for divorce. Her husband was arrested but denied any involvement, and three other relatives were also held, then released.

In January, 2003, Sahda Bibi, age 21, was stabbed to death on the day of her wedding, after refusing to an arranged marriage. Her cousin fled to Pakistan after the murder. reports that French Interior Minister Nicholas Sarkozy says, “Mosques where fundamentalism is preached will be shut down?We want to rid Islam in France of foreign influences. Imams who make statements that run contrary to the values of the Republic will be deported.” There are 5 million Muslims in France, mostly of North African descent.

Denmark’s government has developed plans to stop the activities of radical religious leaders, which critics say are aimed at Islamic clerics. Under the new rules, religious leaders have to be financially self-sufficient, speak Danish and respect “Western values” or risk being kicked out of the country. Integration Minister Bertel Haarder says, “I think the most fundamentalist of the imams, who are poorly educated and speak Danish badly, will end up having to go back home. The imams have a very negative influence on both parents and young people.”

What happened on the day we realized we had to defend Western freedoms?

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