Music plays a part in our evolution (as well as climate change!), because learning to play a musical instrument changes the brain in ways that lead to improved learning and understanding of language.

In, Rachael Rettner reports that musicians have larger areas in the parts of the brain that are important for playing a musical instrument, and the connections created between brain cells during musical training help other forms of communication, such as speech, reading and understanding a foreign language. This means that cutting out music class (as many schools are doing) may be a BIG mistake.

Music helps make us smarter, but here’s what REALLY makes us smarter: UFO contact! If you want to understand what we mean by this, you should know that Anne Strieber thinks she has figured out WHO are the Grays are, WHAT they are doing here and WHY, and she explains it just for our subscribers. To access this information, enter the Subscriber section, click on the Audio Section then click on Special Interviews and scroll down until you see Special Interviews Archive, then click on that. The entire archive will open and you can scroll or do a browser search for the programming you are looking for.

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