In Canada, Danielle Cormier read about a UFO sighting in the Times & Transcript newspaper, and realized that she, along with 3 friends, had watched the same object for 45 minutes.

Charles Perry of the Canada Times & Transcript writes that Danielle was with her boyfriend Terry Steeves, and her friends Peggy and Ed. They were driving on the highway when Ed suddenly stopped the truck and they all peered out the windows “looking absolutely stunned, their faces white as though they had just seen a ghost.”

They saw a UFO hovering just above the tree line, which had three lights in a triangle shape. It stayed there for 45 minutes. Danielle says, “We had pulled the truck over to the side of the road, but we were too scared to get out of it?We were scared, intrigued and mesmerized all at the same time.”

After about 45 minutes, the UFO’s lights started flashing and it began to move in a “freakish way,” then it gradually descended, its lights went out and it disappeared.

When they checked with the local airport, they were told there were no aircraft of that description in the area at that time.

Danielle’s father, Yvon Cormier, saw a similar UFO about a month ago, with the same three lights arranged in a triangle. He says it made a “humming sound, not the kind of noise you would hear coming from an airplane.”

UFO encounters are more common than we think. Leah Haley has had a classic experience with close encounter. From small triangular marks appearing on her body to harassment by black helicopters, she’s known the pressure, the strangeness and the terror involved. But she has gone far beyond all that, into a level of wisdom seldom reached by anybody.

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