Even more witnesses have come forth who saw the Huntington, Indiana UFOs. Jay H. Cook writes, “I just read the reports of the UFOs in Indiana on the 26th and was stunned. My partner and I left my parent’s home on the night of the 27th around 9 PM EST. They live about 15 miles NW of Kokomo, Indiana. As we got into our car, we noticed that due east of us there were several small points of light flashing in the sky. We moved down the road a bit and stopped about a quarter of a mile south from their house on county road 800W. We counted 9 lights moving in the eastern sky. All were flashing brightly red/white and they acted like they were chasing each other.We watched this show for a few minutes and then continued down the road. We continued watching the chasing lights for a good 25 minutes before they all headed southeast and vanished from sight. We live in Indianapolis, and watched the lights while we drove around Kokomo, and then while we drove south on highway 31, that goes to the north side of Indianapolis. After reading the report on your site, I had to share what we both saw.

“As a side note, my brother and I have both seen UFOs in the area over the past 15 years. My parents live on the family farm in this rural area. Since Grissom Air Base is close by, we both know military craft when we see it.”

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