Animals seem to be getting more intelligent lately?and they?re also getting MAD!

In India, a wild elephant pulled a man down from a tree, trampled him to death, and has been carrying the corpse around as a grisly souvenir for the past 2 weeks. Police haven?t been able to get it away from him.

The man climbed the tree to get away from the herd of elephants that was rampaging through his village. We have no information about why the elephants may have been angry at the villagers. The elephant grabbed the man, pulled him to the ground, and broke his legs.

Monkeys stopped traffic in another town in India after a baby monkey was hit by a car on a busy street. “A baby monkey which strayed into the town was hit by a car while trying to cross the road. Its hind legs were crushed and it lay listless on the road,” said Rajib Saikia, a government information officer. “In no time, more than 100 monkeys descended on the street from all directions and blocked off traffic.”

Traffic was halted for more than half an hour. “All the while the monkeys monitored the condition of the injured baby. It was very emotional,” said Abhinab Goswami, a local shopkeeper. “Some of them massaged its legs. Finally, they left the scene carrying the injured baby with them.” Officials haven?t been able to find out if the monkey died.

In Egypt, a police department official named Waheeb Hamoudah had been feeding a sheep on the roof of his three-story building for six weeks, planning to kill it for a Muslim feast of sacrifice that was coming up in March. It turns out that keeping livestock on rooftops, balconies or in basements in not unusual in Egyptian cities.

When he went up to the roof to feed the sheep, it butted him. Neighbors found him lying bleeding and concussed on the ground below. He had several broken bones and died in the hospital.

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