The earthquake of 1906 devastated San Franciso on April 18, and on its one-hundredth anniversary, the town has been remembering the devastation it caused. The Indonesian tsunami, caused by an earthquake deep beneath the ocean floor, arrived suddenly in December of 2004. Now it looks like both of them may happen again.

Larry O’Hanlon writes in Discovery News that mysterious rumblings have been detected inside and above the San Andreas fault. Seismologists aren?t sure if these are a warning that a major quake is on the way. The noises “just rumble and stop” then this sequence repeats, according to seismologist Robert Nadeau.

Ker Than writs in that the Indian Ocean fault that caused the 2004 tsunami may be about to do have another quake?which would produce another giant wave. The cause of the tsunami was actually a submerged volcano, which has now sprouted a new cone 1,000 feet high. Despite this, the volcano is still about 2,300 feet below sea level, but it is inching slowly towards the surface of the ocean.

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Whitley Strieber has posted a provocative interview with Scott Stevens about amazing upcoming earth changes, just for subscribers. Don?t miss it: Subscribe today!

Pressures like the ice age, which come from nature, are the mechanisms that have caused humans to evolve into the beings we are today, so we should use them for inspiration, not despair. Soon we may evolve to the point where we can communicate with other intelligent beings. There may be some of us who are already doing this.

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