Despite the many conspiracy theories swirling around the internet, the Apollo mission to the moon in 1969 was real, although some of the moon rocks have turned out to be fake. The proof comes from NASA satellite images.

In 2002, scientist and astronaut Buzz Aldrin even decked a documentary maker who claimed the moon missions were faked. New images from NASA’s Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) provide proof that the Apollos 11 landing was real. They show images of the TV camera, which is still sitting there, and even show Neil Armstrong’s footprints. You can also see the Ranging Retro Reflector, which is still in operation today.

In the October 8th edition of the Daily Mail, Claire Bates quotes LRO investigator Mark Robinson as saying, “It’s great to see the hardware on the surface, waiting for us to return.”She quotes LRO project scientist Richard Vondrak as saying, “Not only do these images reveal the great accomplishments of Apollo, they also show us that lunar exploration continues.”

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