Some scientists say that more earthquakes are NOT immanent, but others strongly disagree. Are we in the midst of a worldwide plague of quakes? Three major quakes–the December 2004 Sumatra quake, the February 2010 Chile quake and now Sendai in Japan–have struck over the past 6 years. The March 19-25 edition of New Scientist warns us that "This presents a horrifying possibility: that there is a link between these megaquakes and that, as a result, more could strike."

However, most geologists think the number of megaquakes is too small to be able to draw this conclusion. New Scientist quotes Ross Stein of the USGS as saying, "You will get a lot of different answers from different people, but inevitably the ability of any one of those to convince everyone else that they’re right is going to depend on the statistics of small numbers, and we’re never going to get anywhere." But some scientists think the numbers add up. New Scientist quotes seismologist Thorne Lay as saying, "What is clear is that for the 6.2 years since 2004, there have been more great earthquakes around the world than in any 6.2 period throughout the 110 year history of seismic recordings."

Is this because the recent sequence of quakes are really AFTERSHOCKS? New Scientist quotes seismologist Emily Brodsky as saying, "The recent spurt of magnitude 8-plus earthquakes may be an extended aftershock sequence of the 2004 Sumatra earthquake."

One person who has personally stirred up an earthquake around here is William Henry, with his incredible weekly Revelations show. Come find out what incredible things William is investigating right now in Nashville in June!

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