In Canada, a dairy farmer outside Montreal recentlydiscovered crop circles on his land. Marty Cullen, afarmhand employed by Jack Peddie, told Peddie he had seenlarge sections of a barley field crushed down in a circularpattern. Peddie discovered at least 12 large circular areasin his field of knee-high barley. No one heard noises duringthe night, when the crop circle would have been formed.

One of the first documented reports of a crop circleformation appeared in 1678 in Stirlingshire, Scotland. ZhangHui, of the Xinjiang Museum, has found evidence that Chinahad crop circles long before this. Zhang has found over 20ancient stone patterns, dating from 3,000 years ago, thatmatch some of the recent crop circles in other countries.The stone patterns range from simple circles to elaboratedesigns. Zhang believes people placed rocks in the shape ofthe circles in order to preserve the patterns.

There have also been some recent crop circles in China. Oneeyewitness described seeing a crop circle appear in a fieldwhile he was in the Red Guards. However, since this occurredduring the Cultural Revolution of 1966-76, when such?superstitions? were illegal, the account wasn?t documentedat the time.

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