Mars has two moons– Phobos and Deimos–and astrophysicist Iosif Samuilovich Shklovsky thinks the orbital motion of Phobos reveals that the moon is artificial and hollow–in other words, a UFO. Why can’t we go there ourselves and check this out? In 1998, a mysterious little man that Whitley Strieber calls the Master of the Key burst into his hotel room in Toronto and told him all kinds of things he didn’t know–but when he checked them out later, he found out they were TRUE. (one of the few (The NEW, revised edition of The Key, with a foreword that talks about how many of his statements later turned out to be true, will be in bookstores May 12). One of the few things that Whitley could NOT check out was MOTKE’s provocative statement that we are stuck on this planet because the parents of the child who would have given us the ability to travel into space was killed in the holocaust.

There are other things about the moons, which were first discovered in 1877, that puzzle Shklovsky: They are small (no other planet in the solar system has moons as tiny as the Martian moons). Also, their origin is unknown–they’re orbits are wrong and they are too close to Mars to be captured asteroids (as most moons are). Second, their origin bothered him. Were they captured asteroids as others assumed? No, they could not be! Their orbital plane was all wrong. And they’re too close to Mars. Much too close. Most puzzling of all: Phobos changes its speed occasionally. From all these (and other) indications, Shklovsky thinks Phobos is hollow.

If Phobos IS a UFO, is it empty–a discarded vehicle left out in space? In UFO Digest, Dirk Vander Ploeg quotes Shklovsky as saying, "Can a natural celestial body be hollow? Never! Therefore, Phobos must have an artificial origin and be an artificial Martian satellite. The peculiar properties of Deimos, though less pronounced than those of Phobos, also point toward an artificial origin."

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