In Germany, this time! – The Austrian Times reports that on Thursday, January 29, German fighter pilots scrambled because a UFO was spotted over that country’s airspace. At least they didn’t try to shoot it down!

The UFO was spotted by German air traffic controllers on January 19 moving at high speed across the entire country. The Austrian Times quotes military spokesman Axel Raab as saying, “When it vanished from the radar we believed that whatever it was had crashed?but there was no crash site to be seen. It is a complete mystery. It confused radar operators because it kept flicking on and off the screen as if some of the time it just wasn’t there. Then it simply vanished completely into thin air.”

WHERE it vanished is especially provocative: it disappeared over Grafenwoehr, which is an area used by American troops in their training exercises!

Everybody else is doing it (except US!)?why not little Denmark?

The January 29th edition of the Copenhagen Post announced that the Danish Air Force has opened its UFO files, revealing information on over 15,000 sightings made by the public. The Post quotes Air Force Captain Thomas Petersen as saying that the Air Force’s main mission was to “defend Denmark against threat” and that “UFOs are not a known threat.”

Art credit: Dana Augustine

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