Terrorists are deploying in South America, and using the countries there as bases from which to attack the U.S. For instance, Paraguay reports that many visitors who look Middle Eastern are carrying European passports but can’t speak the language of the country they’re supposed to be from.

Yoram East writes for G2Bulletin about a “Belgian” who arrived from Cairo on Egypt Air. Paraguay was a refuge for Nazis after World War II and it may become a haven for Islamic terrorists in the 21st century.

Increasing numbers of Muslims are moving to South American countries. East quotes an official in Columbia as saying, “?Problems arise from recent immigrants who import new jihadi philosophies.” There were attacks on Jewish areas in Buenos Aires in the 1990s.

East reports that one of the reasons Islamic terrorism can flourish in South America is because so many of the local governments and police forces are corrupt, underpaid, and can be easily bribed to look the other way.

Mankind has survived tough times throughout history, and we can survive this too.

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