The Colima Volcano in Mexico’s Jalisco State has producedthree powerful eruptions in the past four days, andvolcanologists are concerned that a major volcanic event maybe forthcoming. On May 30, the volcano, 450 miles fromMexico City erupted more powerfully than it has in 20years. The 12,540 foot volcano exploded violently in 1913,and appears about to do so again. It is one of the world’smost dangerous volcanoes, and local residents are preparingto evacuate if signs of instability increase any further.Satellite imagery indicated that the May 30 eruption sent acloud of gas and debris to an altitude of 27,000 feet.

If the volcano explodes, the massive amount of dust and gasejected will affect the atmosphere, causing short-termcooling and atmospheric across the northern hemisphere, butadding significantly to the overall load of Carbon Dioxideand Methane, increasing middle and longer-term atmosphericheat retention.

The intensity of these effects will not be measurable untilafter the eruption.

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This isn’t what Whitley and Art meant, when they talkedabout acomingglobal superstorm–but it’s close! In the past, volcanoeshave thrown enough ash into the air to cause global warming.Keep up with the REAL environmental news bysubscribing today!

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