The Master of the Key said in 1998: "You will see the demon revealed in those who refuse to acknowledge the signs. Remember that there is within you a powerful death-urge. But remember also, that this is a natural cycle. If you look into the fossil record, you will find evidence of it before. Human activity has not caused it, but only sped it up."

We are seeing that now, and the Climate Watch section has been warning about it for years. Methane from streaming from thawing permafrost and receding glaciers, as well as from the ocean floor, contributing to the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Researchers are doing computer modeling in order to predict that it will happen as the cryosphere–the earth’s layer of ice and frozen ground–softens and melts. The leaking geologic methane comes from sources such as underground coal beds and natural gas reservoirs–fossil fuels that energy companies drill deep in order to remove.

In Yahoo news, Yereth Rosen quotes researcher Katey Walter Anthony as saying, "No one had ever shown that (this) was occurring or that it was a widespread phenomenon. This (study) really is the first time that we see with field evidence that this type of geologic methane is escaping as the cryosphere retreats."

Will the Superstorm happen soon?

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