If you want to make sure to get your message across, send it off in a bottle. We’ve written about a 60-year-old message from people escaping from the Nazis and a 20-year-old message from a dead son. Now a homeless man with just enough strength left to put a note in a plastic bottle and throw it out a window was rescued when a local dog found his message.

Robert Sinclair had been wandering in the same area for 27 years and was sleeping in a deserted farmhouse when he had an asthma attack. He scribbled a note on a piece of cardboard, placed it in an empty water bottle, and dropped it out the window. A nearby farmer’s border collie found the bottle and took it home. His owner, Brian Besler, says, “Ben found this bottle and came running up to me with it in his mouth. There was a message in it asking for help, it said Robert had been lying there for more than two weeks, he was ill, he couldn’t breathe right, his chest was clogged up and he’d run out of food and water.”

Police officers and firemen rescued Sinclair from the farmhouse and took him to the hospital. Besler says, “They reckon he wouldn’t have lasted another two days.”

We hope Robert knows how to thank Ben.

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