Men: Are you feeling moody? Having hot flashes? It turns out that one-third of men experience these menopausal symptoms, according to Swedish researchers. But there’s good news: you no longer have to blame yourself for your beer belly, since it?s the fault of your genes.

Scientists believe a protein called CGRP is responsible for menopause symptoms in both men and women. CGRP expands the blood vessels, causing sweating and hot flashes, and its effects increase when levels of both male and female sex hormones?testosterone and estrogen?decrease.

Scientists have also found that men with a certain gene variation have a tendency to get beer bellies. A substance called angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), which helps regulate blood pressure, is behind that familiar physique.

Pasquale Strazzullo of the University of Naples looked at several natural genetic variations found in healthy men and discovered that one variant, known as DD, causes fat to develop around the stomach. Men with the DD gene are more than twice as likely to become overweight over a period of 20 years than men with a different gene type.

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