Baseball players, and even rap singers, have been suspected of taking illegal drugs to strengthen their bodies. Now researchers have discovered that some perfectly legal and easily available over-the-counter body-building dietary supplements may lead to prostate cancer.

Doctors discovered this when two patients being seen by at a local hospital developed aggressive prostate cancer within months of starting daily consumption of the same dietary supplement. Both men purchased the same product, one to develop stronger muscles and enhance sexual performance, the other to gain muscle. When they read the product?s label and analyzed the contents, they found that it listed ingredients that were not present, misrepresented the concentrations of the ingredients that were present and failed to list all the steroid hormones contained in the product.

Urologist Shahrokh Shariat says, “Given that testosterone supplements are in high demand, there is significant concern that supplements, in addition to the one we evaluated, may pose an urgent human health risk.” Young men also need to be careful about a certain kind of oil.

One in three people will be diagnosed with cancer some time in their life. Getting the disease isn’t always the real problem, because the tumor can often be targeted and destroyed. The problem is when it spreads, but now scientists may have solved this problem too.

A protein called “Tes” can block another protein, called “Mena,” which helps cancer cells spread from the original tumor. BBC News quotes researcher Michael Way as saying, “[This discovery] gives us clues in designing drugs which mimic the interaction with Tes and prevent cells from migrating, although that’s a long way away.”

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