While the media concentrates on John Mark Karr and his claims about a pitiful, decade-old murder, the real story is totally ignored, which is that forest fires are sweeping the world right now at an unprecedented rate. To see what?s happening, click on the image. What is worse, as they grow in number and strength worldwide, they are unleashing mercury that has polluted the wetlands in the north since at least the dawn of the Industrial Revolution.

These fires in the north of the US are releasing mercury at levels up to 15 times greater than forest fires elsewhere. As we?ve reported in the past, global warming has dried out the forests, making them vulnerable to fire.

Mercury is dangerous?it can cause brain damage and birth defects. Where did all this mercury come from? It turns out that the wetlands on this continent have absorbed mercury emissions from manufacturing for over 200 years, since the Industrial Revolution began in the late 18th century. LiveScience.com quotes researcher Merritt Turetsky as saying, “Peat lands have done us a real service by locking up mercury before and during the entire Industrial Age?We’re talking about mercury that has been relatively harmless, trapped in peat for hundreds of years, rapidly being spewed back into the air. There is a massive amount of mercury stored in northern peat lands that could soon be mobilized.”

What happens normallly is that mercury emissions from manufacturing areas are carried north, where they are absorbed by the wet soil of Alaska and Canada. What this means is that after a wildfire season like this one, we have to be prepared to measure the mercury levels in the plants and fish people are likely to consume.

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