Massive storms left at least twenty people dead in the United States and are now dumping snow on Scotland and are expected to spread into northern Europe today.

A tornado spread damage along a 23-mile path in Mississippi, while more than 20 inches of snow covered Minnesota. Snow closed down highways in South Dakota and Iowa, and heavy rain caused flooding in Missouri and Kansas. Missouri suffered flooding, and in Kansas a New York man drowned when his family car was swept off a bridge by flood waters. His wife and son survived.

The single storm dumped snow in the norther tier of states, and caused flooding and tornado-related damage farther south.

Meanwhile, a strong storm has developed over Scotland and is expected to move into northern Europe tonight. The storm has closed roads in the Orkney Islands, and is dumping substantial snowfall on the rest of northern Scotland. Whether or not the storm will strengthen as it moves across the North Sea is not known.

In earlier related stories, reported on February 20 that an unusual warming of the stratosphere over the northern hemisphere might lead to powerful storms in a few days. For that story, click here.

It is possible that recent high levels of solar activity related to the current solar maximum may be responsible for these destabilizing short term changes in the earth’s atmosphere.

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