Yasir Arafat and the Taliban Ambassador to Pakistan have both condemned terrorist attacks on the United States. From Kabul a Taliban spokesman said that Osama bin Laden, the Saudi Dissident, “could not have been responsible for the attacks on the United States.” He said that “this could have been the act of internal enemies of the United States or its foreign rivals.”

However, Palestinian youths were celebrating in the streets in Israel, and there are strong suspicions that the conflict in the middle east is the reason for the attack. It was the most sophisticated and damaging terrorist attack in history, and must have involved the support of many skilled professionals, including pilots capable of taking over and guiding the planes to their destruction.

The World Trade Center was struck by American Airlines Flight 11 enroute from Boston to Los Angeles and another flight, with the loss of all on board and unknown casualties on the ground. American Airlines Flight 77 has also been destroyed, whether by being crashed into the World Trade Center or the Pentagon is at this point unknown.

As of this writing, the President is returning to Washington from Florida under extreme security conditions. The FBI and all US intelligence services are on full alert and military alert levels may be raised worldwide.

All air departures have been stopped throughout the US by order of the FAA, and any planes now in flight have been ordered to land at the nearest airport and not continue flying until further notice.

Telephone networks across the country are in chaos, and it isn’t clear whether this represents additional terrorism or overload.

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