Hurricane Floyd appears poised to strike the Florida coast with extreme force, and Hurricane Gert is gathering strength behind it in the south Atlantic. Floyd is an exceptional storm, having grown to Category 5 in just a few days.

In part this is due to a phenomenon explained in the upcoming Art Bell/Whitley Strieber book The Coming Global Superstorm (In Stores December 14). As global warming increases, the difference in the temperature between the lower and upper atmosphere is getting larger and larger. This is spawning ever greater hurricanes and more intensive and frequent tornadoes worldwide, and accounts for last spring’s worldwide outburst of tornadoes, which occurred even in places like China, where they are virtually unheard of.

It is to be expected that monster storms will become more and more common as the lower atmosphere retains more and more heat, and the upper atmosphere gets colder and colder. This is taking place because there is a buildup of heat-retaining gasses like carbon dioxide near the surface, which holds the heat in rather than allowing it to radiate into space.

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