We not only have to find a way to get water on the moon, so we can set up Helium 3 mining operations there, we also need to find water on Mars, if we’re ever going to be able to colonize that planet. If we do find water on Mars, that makes it more likely that we will find life on other planets in the. If we don’t, then it may mean we are virtually alone in the universe, on a unique planet.

Ker Than writes in space.com that the Martian gullies that some scientists hoped were created by liquid water might instead be the result of erosion caused by landslides, due to high winds and comet impacts. They make this assumption because the same type of gullies can be found on the moon, and we now know that these do not contain water.

Leonard David writes in space.com that NASA has plans to send another robot into space in 2009, to explore Mars and look for water.

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