Tropical storm Maria is likely to become a powerful hurricane and appears headed along the same path into the Caribbean that Irma took. Meanwhile, Lee appears to be organizing off Cape Verde while Jose,a category 1 hurricane with 80MPH winds seems likely to stay out at sea. If Maria becomes a hurricane, it could form into an extremely dangerous storm, and until south central Atlantic and Caribbean waters cool in November, similar storms could continue to form.

However, normal seasonal air flow southward across the United States is more and more likely to prevent these systems from affecting the US mainland. Not so the Caribbean, which will remain vulnerable throughout hurricane season.

NOAA has stated that Maria could affect the Lesser Antilles in a few days, and Puerto Rico and the US and  British Virgin Islands as "a dangerous hurricane" by the end of the week. At this time, Lee is moving westward across cooler waters and will not strengthen unless in reaches the Caribbean as an intact system.

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