We can see light coming from distant worlds. How many universes are there? The Master of the Key said there are many and science has recently corroborated this. (Let’s hope that most of them are doing better than we are)!

Instead of the Big Bang producing a single universe, some scientists think it created MANY of them, each one with different laws of physics. The question then becomes, “How many of these exist?” Two scientists have set out to answer this question.

The number that Andrei Linde and Vitaly Vanchurin have come up with is “humungous” (meaning it’s too big for even mathematicians with supercomputers to count). Are some of the beings from these worlds somehow managing to visit ours? If so, we would sure like to know about it.

The Technology Review website quotes them as saying, “We have found that the strongest limit on the number of different locally distinguishable geometries is determined mostly by our abilities to distinguish between different universes and to remember our results.”

There are additional problems as well. In New Scientist, Amanda Gefter quotes cosmologist Andrei Linde as saying, “Before quantum mechanics, we thought that ‘reality’ was a well-defined word,” because in quantum physics tells us that we “create our own reality,” thus the number of universes that exist may depend on how many we THINK there are.

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