Newswise – Quantum physics tells us that the world is much different than we have been taught in school or perceive it to be. We are aware of 3 spatial dimensions. But physicists say there are at least nine spatial dimensions, six of them hidden from us, perhaps curled up in some way so they are tiny and undetectable.

Researchers Andreas Karch and Lisa Randall are searching for the answer to the question of why we cannot perceive these extra 6 spatial dimensions. They believe the way our universe started and then diluted as it expanded favored the formation of three- and seven-dimensional realities. It’s just chance that the one we experience has three dimensions. They say, “That’s what comes out when you do the math.”

Karch and Randall used a computer to model how the universe was arranged right after it began in the big bang, and then watch how the cosmos evolved as it expanded and diluted. Their only assumption was that it started with a generally smooth configuration, with numerous structures, called membranes, or “branes,” that existed in various spatial dimensions from one to nine, all of them large and none of them curled up.

The researchers allowed the cosmos to evolve on the computer naturally, without making any additional assumptions. They found that as the branes diluted, the ones that survived displayed either three dimensions or seven dimensions. In our universe, everything we see and experience is stuck to one of those branes, and for it to result in a three-dimensional universe the brane must be three-dimensional.

Other realities, most of which which are seven-dimensional, are be hidden from our perception in the universe. Karch says, “There are regions that feel 3D. There are regions that feel 5D. There are regions that feel 9D. These extra dimensions are infinitely large. We just happen to be in a place that feels 3D to us.

“We know there are people in our three-brane existence. In this case we will assume there are people somewhere nearby in a seven-brane existence. The people in the three-brane would have a far more interesting world, with more complex structures.” Could contact with these 7 D beings be what’s happening when people have ET encounters?

Karch thinks that a seven-dimensional existence would not have planets with stable orbits around their sun. He says, “I am not precisely sure what a universe with such a short-range gravity would look like, mostly because it is always difficult to imagine how life would develop under completely different circumstances.”

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