If the human race remains trapped on Planet Earth, one way or another, we will eventually go extinct. The only way to prevent this is to express ourselves out into the surrounding galaxy and beyond in a significant way. But to do that we must understand and harness the force of gravity, and now a group of scientists have found some new hints that may provide the clues that we need to make some progress in this field, which has been stymied for years.

The Santa Fe "New Mexican" reports that some astronomers are presenting a radical new theory suggesting that the Milky Way and Anromeda galaxies collided some 10 billion years sago, and that our understanding of gravity is fundamentally wrong

Only 4% of the universe is made of known material. The team believes that the interactions between dark and ordinary matter could be more important and more complex than previously thought.

Astronomer Hongsheng Zhao says, ""The pattern that their data reveals is extremely odd. It’s like finding a zoo of animals of all ages and sizes miraculously having identical, say, weight in their backbones or something. It is possible that a non-gravitational fifth force is ruling the dark matter with an invisible hand, leaving the same fingerprints on all galaxies, irrespective of their ages, shapes and sizes." Lead researcher Gianfranco Gentile adds, "Understanding this puzzling conspiracy is probably the key to unlock the formation of galaxies and their structures."

Clearly, we are far from understanding why gravity exists and how to make use of it as a tool. But this research may just be bringing us a step closer.

The Master of the Key
said that Earth was a trap for mankind, and to spring the trap, we must understand the secrets of gravity.

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