The Sunday paper in Darwin, Australia had a classified ad that read: “In 1972, I saw a UFO at 5 am over Darwin airport with 3 other gentlemen. After 31 years I would like to make contact again with the other witnesses. Two were security guards from Darwin airport, the other was ‘Fred,’ whose father was the caretaker at the Darwin German Club. Please contact me.”

Cherie Beach and Fiona Churchman of radio 105.7 in Darwin followed up on the story and found Rodney Jarvis, who placed the ad. He’s writing a book about his strange experiences and wants to include the story of his UFO sighting.

He says, “After more than 30 years, ever since I witnessed this UFO I guess every single week I’ve thought about it and I just thought well I’ll give it a shot, perhaps out of the three other witnesses, one of them or someone who knows one of them might like to contact me just so we can compare our recollections of what actually happened.”

Rodney and his friend Fred were sleeping in the car that night, waiting to catch an early flight and at 4:45 am. When he looked out the window, he says, “I saw a very large orange light moving very slowly just above the tops of the houses that I could see in silhouette and as I was watching it the first thing I thought of was a helicopter. As it moved across to the left it immediately stopped and reversed back in the opposite direction and I thought well, a helicopter can’t maneuver that quickly.”

He woke Fred up. “He was not sure what it was, we both got out of the car and he was absolutely terrified of it right from the start and as we watched it, it continued to zigzag towards us,” says Rodney. “As it came over us it was climbing in altitude and as it passed over the top of us I put my hand in through the open window and flashed the car lights once, and it stopped, immediately above us.”

Rodney was fascinated but “Fred had the opposite reaction?when it stopped, he ran in panic and hid underneath the eaves of a building and he was screaming, ‘Out get out of there you maniac, you don’t know what that is get away!’ And I was thinking, I just want to contact this craft or UFO or whatever it was.”

After about 15 minutes, two airport security guards came over to find out why their car lights were flashing at 5 am, and Rodney says they also saw the UFO fly straight into the air and disappear. Now he’d like to contact them all again.

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