Women are growing tired of being the ones responsible for birth control and keep hoping that male birth control will soon become a reality. That day may be drawing closer.

Researcher John Herr has discovered new protein within a sperm’s tail that could prove a key target for male contraceptive drugs. He says, “One approach to male contraception is to disable sperm from swimming, and we think [this] may be able to play a role in that process.” The name for the new class of male contraceptives is ?intelligent spermicides,? because they target a specific part of the sperm.

Women always complain that men make quick judgements about them, based on their looks, but a new study suggests that WOMEN do the same thing: they judge potential mates by their facial features, even before getting to know them, and when it comes to a quick fling, they?re attracted to a different kind of man than the type they’re looking for in mate.

The researchers tested over 800 male and female college students, using digitally altered pictures of male faces. The pictures were adjusted to look more “masculine” or more “feminine,” and then the students were asked to fill out online questionnaires predicting behavioral patterns based on what they saw.

The women viewed the men with “masculine features” including prominent brow ridges and large jaws, as good short-term partners. Men with more “feminine features” including rounder faces and fuller lips were seen as better long-term partners.

Researcher Daniel Kruger says, “Women’s preferences depend on what type of partner she is looking for. She will prefer a highly masculine face for a short-term relationship where the potential genetic investment would be most important, and a more feminine face for a long-term relationship, where a stable, supportive relationship and ability and willingness to care for children would be more important.” In other words, women in the study felt that men with more feminine facial features would probably make better parents and husbands.

When you have sex, you want to have GOOD sex. A lot of us take our seduction clues from books and movies, but we should be careful about WHICH books we use for inspiration. Literary Review Magazine presents an annual “bad sex award” for the worst writing on sex of the previous year. William Buckley Jr., in his role as novelist, has won this award in the past. The winner for 2006, British author Iain Hollingshead, has been nominated for the prestigious Booker Prize in the UK.

In his novel Twenty Something, Hollingshead won the bad sex award for his description of the sexual act as “a commotion of grunts and squeaks, flashing unconnected images and explosions of a million little particles.”

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If you want to have great sex, use your intuition! Get in the mood by listening to that wonderful theme music from Dreamland. This week, don’t miss Linda Howe’s stunning interview with a witness to the UFO sighting at O’Hare airport in Chicago!

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