Your computer purchases may have helped to finally vanquish a long time killer.

As the climate warms, malaria-carrying mosquitoes may eventually arrive in the Northern hemisphere, so it’s not a moment too soon.

A new class of medicine has been found that kills the parasite that causes the most lethal form of human malaria. Researcher Doron Greenbaum reported that it irreversibly kills the parasites while sparing human red blood cells, which are responsible for the nearly 500 million cases of malaria worldwide and as many as two million deaths, most of them in children.

By “irreversible,” Greenbaum means that the parasites do not recover when the agent is depleted. The complex lifecycle of these parasites makes malaria difficult to treat once it is established. The organism typically enters the body through a mosquito bite, soon takes residence in the liver, and then migrates to red blood cells. It is the last stage that gives rise to the chronic disease known as malaria.

This gives real hope to the Third World?and to the future First World as well!

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