We recently wrote that British Columbia has become the UFO capital of Canada. It’s even become a tourist destination, since one-third of all Canadian sightings come from there. For subscribers this week, we interview UFO researcher Brian Vike, who tells about some of the amazing UFO experiences people have had there. The first 15 minutes of this interview will be available to non-subscribers as part of Dreamland for August 30, 2003.Click “Listen Now” on our masthead.

Vike, of HBCC UFO Research, says, “People are aware now that there is actually someone who investigates and talks to people and tries to figure out what people are seeing.”

One “large disk shaped object” was spotted over a one-hour period by observers in three different areas of B.C. It was described as very large and slow moving, completely silent, with bright lights on the underside. This a classic UFO description.

Two weeks earlier, witnesses saw three bright, hazy blue/white lights in the shape of a triangle fly past them quickly at a very low altitude. Around the same time, two other people saw a bright, fast moving object come towards them. It came to a sudden, complete stop, then went totally dark. A bright flash of light suddenly came out of it and a “ray of light” swept the ground, lighting up a large area. The object scanned the ground for a few minutes, then suddenly left at high speed.

One of the latest reports is of a 1,000-foot-long silver, cylinder-shaped object with rounded points at each end. Witness Gary Watson says it was “absolutely beautiful to look at. I was stunned when I saw it, but it was gorgeous. Just absolutely amazing.” Two other witnesses, a young man and a woman, were the first to notice it. Watson says, “The girl just looked up suddenly for no reason, and when I saw the look on her face I knew something was going on. There’s been no sound, no noise, no reason to do that?real strange. So I looked up and there it was.”

Watson estimates the ship was cruising at approximately 500 miles per hour at an altitude of 20,000 feet. “I was in the military and I’ve been trained to know how to estimate these sorts of things,” he says. “As strange as it is, I’m telling you this was the real thing. Definitely not an airplane.”

Sean Li was with two friends when he saw something similar to what Watson described. “We’d been at a restaurant having a good time and this totally changed our day,” he says. “I was pumping the gas, and my friends got out to stretch their legs. Then all three of us kind of looked up at the same time and there was this huge thing that just floated right across [the road]?” He describes it as “a giant silver bullet that was a lot fatter than an airplane.”

Gavin McLeod, of UFO B.C., says, “I’ve had reports of sightings of cylindrical objects?before, only they were white in color.” He saw a UFO himself in 1997 while he was driving. “I looked up and it just caught my eye,” he says. “A big white cylinder headed across the horizon.”

Another recent report described a yellow ball of light the size of a basketball that was travelling quickly before it paused above the mountain. “Then it proceeded like a bang,” Vike says?”There are still so many [UFOs] that remain unexplained and people are seeing things all the time.”

The UFO sightings are causing a tourist boom in the area. “People are interested in coming to the area when they hear my reports on the radio,” Viking says. “It’s good promotion for the area?Many have never been up this way, so I give them the lowdown on what our communities have.” Besides UFOs, he tells them about camp sites, the excellent hiking, fishing and boating, the beautiful scenery and the wildlife. “As a matter of fact, I receive so many emails, I was going to put up a page on my website which would give information to tourists on what we have,” he says.

To report a UFO sighting in British Columbia, contact Vike at hbccufo@telus.net. A film crew from the Canadian Life Network arrived in the area recently to start shooting a documentary about the phenomenon.

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