Animal feed contaminated with human remains may have caused the first cases of Mad Cow Disease. Previously it was assumed that Mad Cow began when the ground up remains of other cattle were fed to cows as a source of protein. But now scientists believe it may have begun when the theremains of human corpses were imported into the UK to be added to cattle feed. In the Indian subcontinent, some religiousgroups leave their dead unburied for vultures to consume,andit is being speculated that bones may have have beencollected from these bodies, ground up and imported to the UK, where they were added to feed for cattle.

British researchers Alan and Nancy Colchester report in The Lancet that that human material was imported into the UK from India that was mixed with animal remains for the production of animal feed over a long period of time. Some of the human remains could have been from people who died of the human form of Mad Cow, Cruzfeld-Jacobs Disease,which in turn infected the cattle that ate the feed. The infected corpses could have gotten the disease from eating sheep infected with scrapie, a disease that is closely related to Mad Cow.

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Whitley Strieber did a dynamite interview with Colm Kelleher about Mad Cow disease several months ago. Subscribers can still listen to this incredible interview and downloadit to an MP3 disc for listening in your car.

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