If you love loud music, watch out: it can cause your lungsto collapse.

Doctors have discovered several cases where fans of loudmusic had their lungs collapse. One man was listening to aloud “boom box” radio while driving his car, when heexperienced breathlessness and chest pain. In the secondcase, a man experienced sudden severe pain in the left sideof this chest while standing next to a loud speaker in aclub. A third man got a collapsed lung while attending arock concert, where he stood near several large loud speakers.

A lung collapses when air gets into the space between thelung and the membrane that covers it because small tearsoccur in the lung wall. Intense pulses of low-frequency,high-energy sound can cause these ruptures because air andtissue respond differently to sound. A collapsed lung istreated by inserting a chest drain that allows air to escapefrom the chest cavity.

Dr. John Harvey says, “I don’t think we’ll stop people goingto clubs, but we may be able to advise them not to standnext to loud speakers or put a [boom] box into their car?Wecan’t estimate how common loud music is as a cause, but itis probably quite significant. The condition is three timescommoner in men than in women, and a proportion of sufferersmay have been clubbing or standing next to a [boom] box at a[rock] concert.”

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