Most states now have lotteries and some countries, like France and Spain, have had them for centuries. Russian astrophysicist Mark Zilberman realized that numerical lotteries are a perfect way to measure the degree of ESP in a random population, because millions of tickets are sold randomly every week and results are published independently. The experiment covers many years and the participants are not selected for ESP ability but are a random cross section of the population. He found one surprising result–ESP goes down as sunspots increase.

Zilberman examined the results of the Russian and French state lotteries to see if the they could be linked to any identifiable external factor. He found that in 1989, the French and Russian lotteries show a statistically significant seasonal variation over many years that is the same in both countries. As an astrophysicist, Zilberman realized that the variation correlated with the 11-year cycle of solar activity. When solar activity is high, the number of correct predictions falls and vice versa.

We already know that our weather is affected by the sun and so are cellphones and satellites. Maybe our brains, or at least our psychic abilities, are too.

Our brains can be affected in mysterious ways. In order to be a winner, we need to learn how to read the signs in our lives.

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