For the second time in just two weeks, the discovery of a lost city has been announced. This one is in the Kalahari Desert in Africa, now one of the most desolate places on Earth. It appears to be similar in many ways to the Nazca site in Peru, only much larger. The ‘city’ was found by a crowd-sourced research project using Google Maps, and has not yet been explored on the ground. Until that happens, the exact nature of the find cannot be determined. Researcher and Dreamland and Revelations guest Michael Tellinger, author of Temples of the African Gods said, on seeing the photos, "“Well done guys – this is a huge new step and an exciting page in the Vanished Civilisations of southern Africa – this is one of the most exiting discoveries since the Nazca Lines. I will dive right into this and its connections to the stone circles and Adam’s Calendar. You may have found the evidence of the Lost City of the Kalahari.” Unknowncountry subscribers can listen to Michael Tellinger’s interviews in our archive.

The ruins were found by Jaime Visser’s crowd sourced Marcahuasi Project.

The extensive ruins are found at map co-ordinates  -30° 0′ 21.64″, +21° 6′ 21.69 and can be viewed on Google Earth or Google Maps. They are deep in the Kalihari, in one of the most inhospitable areas in the world. The enigmatic Klerksdorp Spheres, small metal balls that appear to have machined grooves around them but are found in strata billions of years old, are another mysterious phenomenon of the Kalahari.

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The circular formations pictured above are from the Kalahari ruins. It is also possible that they are irrigation circles, but if so, they have been abandoned for a very long time, and this does not explain many of the other markings in the area.

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