When we see a UFO up in the sky, does this mean that we are being Visited by beings from another planet? (If so, let’s just hope that they’re here for a reason and that they treat us better than we’ve treated them in the past!) NASA’s Kepler satellite telescope, launched two years ago, has discovered over 150,000 stars and astronomers there have pinpointed 400 of them that might have planets orbiting around them that contain life.

In the January 31st edition of the New York Times, Dennis Overbye quotes astronomer Geoffrey Marcy as saying, "We will find Earth-size planets in habitable zones. What we want is to find life." He quotes astronomer William Borucki as saying, "Earths are difficult. We’re concerned not to announce anything until we’ve proven six different ways it can’t NOT be a planet. The fact that we find lots of Earths just means that we have to spend a lot more money to build the next mission and go and find out if they speak English or French." But if we turn out to be alone, "maybe we’re going to go conquer the whole galaxy. Nobody’s out there to stop us."

Lots of people say they have personally MET some of the Visitors who may want to stop us–whoever and whatever they are–and Anne Strieber has recorded 13 interviews, just for subscribers, with "contactees" like Tim, So subscribe today and YOU can listen to these fascinating and unique interviews too!

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