Which country uses the most cocaine? There’s no need to check police files or track down drug pushers in order to find out?all you need to do is test their money for traces of cocaine. According to this method, Spain uses the most coke, followed by Ireland and Germany.

Almost all the euros in Germany contain traces of cocaine. “Nine out of 10 banknotes show clearly measurable amounts of cocaine,” says drug tester Fritz Soergel. He did a separate study on euros in Barcelona, and says, “We were almost knocked flat by what we discovered there. The concentrations of cocaine on Spanish euro notes were almost a hundred times that of what we recorded in Germany.” Tests in London in 1999 showed more than 99% of the pound notes in circulation had cocaine on them.

Before the countries in the European Union all began using the euro in 2002, tests on their national currencies showed that deutschemarks had the third highest level of cocaine. The Spanish peseta was first and the Irish pound came in second.

However, not every contaminated bill has been rolled up and used to snort coke, since cocaine is spread around by cash counting machines in banks. However, Soergel believes it’s a good indication of a country’s coke use. He says, “Studies have shown that the amount of cocaine found on banknotes in countries where there is less cocaine usage, such as France, Finland and Greece, is much lower than in countries where it is more widespread.”

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