Lately, researchers have been telling us that red wineprotects us from heart disease. Now they think it may not bethe wine that does it, but the lifestyle that goes alongwith it.

A new study of more than 4,400 U.S. men and women, findsthat those whose called wine their beverage of choice alsoate more healthful diets and were less likely to smoke thaneither those who favored beer or hard alcohol, or drinkerswith no preference.

Surprisingly, all drinkers eat better than teetotalers.According to the study, they exercised more and ate morevegetables (bar peanuts don?t count). The greatest healthdifferences were seen between wine drinkers and those whodrink other forms of alcohol. This may be because winedrinkers are less likely to smoke.

“The apparent health benefits of wine compared with otheralcoholic beverages…may be a result of confounding bydietary habits and other lifestyle factors,” says John C.Barefoot, of Duke University.

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