On November 26, Dreamland ran a program with Ben Lilliston of the Institute for Agricultural and Trade policy. Mr. Lilliston, co-author of Genetically Engineered Food: A Self-Defense Guide For Consumers, advocates testing, control and labeling of genetically altered foods. This is the only guide in the world that you can take with you into the grocery store and use to help minimize your exposure to genfoods.

According to listeners in a number of markets, this edition of Dreamland was not cleared. This is a highly controversial topic, and Dreamland is virtually the only place on the air where it is being discussed. Listeners who did not get to hear the program should complain to their station managers. Tapes of the show can be purchased from 1-800-917-4278. The archive is available for listening on Whitleysworld.com for one month from Tuesday.

The genfoods industry is strongly against labeling for two reasons: first, labeling would identify the source of products containing altered genes, thus making it easier to file lawsuits in the event of consumer injury; second, labeling would enable consumers to easily avoid buying the products.

In Europe, where most countries mandate labeling, genfoods have no market. The industry fears that the same thing could happen in the US, if American consumers wake up to the fact that genfoods are probably not adequately tested, and that, in many crops, the pollen of genetically altered plants cannot easily be prevented from spreading out of control.

Dreamland is virtually alone as a radio program in tackling real controversies like this one, instead of wasting time on trivial or false issues that don’t matter to our health and welfare. If you’re not getting Dreamland, or your access is being ‘edited’ by your station, make your voice heard by calling your station manager.

If the program is not carried in your market, choose the talk station you like best and ask them to run it.

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