On Halloween, solar flares erupted almost simultaneously on opposite sides of the sun?a phenomenon that?s never been seen before. Simultaneous solar flares have been seen in the past, but they’re usually clustered together, and scientists want to know if the flares are linked or if this is just a coincidence. “Now we have only one example of two flares that go off simultaneously that far apart, so it could be an accident. If we see more of these?then it becomes extremely important,” says astronomer Stephen Greggor. These flares can make space travel hazardous.

Solar flares are massive eruptions of hydrogen from the sun’s surface that are driven by magnetic fields. The recent simultaneous flares had the explosive force of millions of hydrogen bombs. They were seen through a new Air Force solar telescope that?s been developed especially to predict dangerous conditions in space.

Massive solar flares could irradiate the International Space Station and make life in space dangerous, so NASA wants to develop a lifeboat for the ISS. Right now, an emergency evacuation of the ISS would use Russian Soyuz capsules, but they can only carry 3 people, meaning astronauts would have to make a ?Titanic?-like decision in case of an emergency. The Titanic didn?t have enough lifeboats for all its passengers, so the crew had to decide who escaped and who was left behind.

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