Scientists speculate that bacteria may spread through the universe on asteroids and that life on Earth may have come from Mars. Now they’ve discovered the opposite: that life on Mars may have come from Earth during the last 30 years.

In New Scientist, David L. Chandler quotes NASA’s Andrew Schuerger as saying, "I believe there is life on Mars, and it’s unequivocally there, because we sent it." He says that of all the space probes sent to Mars, only the two Viking craft in 1976 were sterilized, a procedure which is routinely done now. He thinks some Earth bacteria may be still living on Mars.

We now know that salt water existed for a long time on the surface of Mars and some life could survive there still. But could it be from Earth? "They are probably not going to survive in 200 kelvin conditions and in sulphuric acid," says Jeff Kargel of the U.S. Geological Survey. "Maybe they could. And maybe we’ve just done a really terrible thing."

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